Lyte Body Fitness

Welcome to Lyte Body Fitness!

Located in Bronxville NY, we are a health and fitness studio that specializes in one to one personal fitness training, small group personal fitness training and Mat Pilates, Yoga & Tai Chi classes.

Our goal was to create a space where clients could feel restored, revived and renewed after each workout. The studio, located at 27 Milburn Street, provides each client with the ability to have an uplifting and rejuvenating whole body experience rather than a simple ordinary workout.

The studio, which features over 2,000 square feet of space, is devoted to the unique needs of each client. The space offers enough room and light for clients to maximize their workouts and enables them to have a connected awareness of their bodies. Clients work with trainers exclusively for extra focus, care and attention. 

Unlike many gyms and studios who clutter their space with machines, racks, rows of weights and harsh florescent lights, Lyte Body has an open floor plan which allows clients to feel energized after every workout. Instead of relying on traditional – and often clunky, outdated machines – We believe the client’s own body is one of the best pieces of equipment they can use.

Over time, one transforms into a long, lean and sculpted “light” body, eventually feeling “lighter” as stuck energies are released, blockages removed and alignment with one’s true purpose begins.